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UPDATED ON 24th Mar 2018
  • BOI AXA Treasury Advantage Fund
  • Direct Plan - Daily Dividend 1006.9992
  • Direct Plan - Growth 2119.6246
  • Direct Plan - Weekly Dividend 1007.8652
  • Institutional Plan - Daily Dividend 1002.9232
  • Institutional Plan - Growth 1397.5496
  • Institutional Plan - Monthly Dividend 1002.0930
  • Institutional Plan - Weekly Dividend 1001.6260
  • Regular Plan - Daily Dividend 1007.4498
  • Regular Plan - Growth 2093.9614
  • Regular Plan - Weekly Dividend 1008.4070
  • Direct Plan - Bonus 2110.3076
  • Regular Plan - Bonus 1597.0220
  • Direct Plan 13.3612
  • Regular Plan 13.3110
  • BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 12.1021
  • Direct Plan - Growth 14.9679
  • Regular - Dividend 10.6363
  • Regular Plan - Growth 14.6806
  • BOI AXA Short Term Income Fund
  • Direct Plan - Growth 19.8497
  • Direct Plan - Monthly Dividend 10.3675
  • Direct Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.3952
  • Institutional Plan - Growth 15.0822
  • Institutional Plan - Monthly Dividend 10.1566
  • Institutional Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.1171
  • Institutional Plan - Weekly Dividend 10.0615
  • Regular Plan - Growth 18.9213
  • Regular Plan - Monthly Dividend 10.3791
  • Regular Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.2070
  • BOI AXA Regular Return Fund
  • Regular Plan - Bonus 15.2560
  • Direct Plan - Annual Dividend 11.3126
  • Direct Plan - Growth 21.4030
  • Direct Plan - Monthly Dividend 10.3391
  • Direct Plan - Quarterly Dividend 11.7213
  • Eco Plan - Annual Dividend 11.0904
  • Eco Plan - Growth 21.2452
  • Eco Plan - Monthly Dividend 18.0377
  • Eco Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.8624
  • Regular Plan - Annual Dividend 10.8642
  • Regular Plan - Growth 20.9302
  • Regular Plan - Monthly Dividend 12.3567
  • Regular Plan - Quarterly Dividend 11.5341
  • BOI AXA Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series 3
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 11.0827
  • Direct Plan - Growth 11.0826
  • Regular Plan - Dividend 10.8838
  • Regular Plan - Growth 10.8838
  • Direct Plan Growth 10.9782
  • Regular Plan Growth 10.8938
  • Direct Plan Growth 11.3486
  • Regular Plan Growth 11.2700
  • BOI AXA Equity Fund
  • Direct Plan - Bonus 19.5700
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 16.1100
  • Direct Plan-Growth 37.8300
  • Direct Plan - Quarterly Dividend 13.4100
  • Eco Plan - Bonus 37.4600
  • Eco Plan - Regular Dividend 15.9300
  • Eco Plan - Growth 37.4700
  • Eco Plan - Quarterly Dividend 13.2000
  • Institutional Plan - Bonus 10.0000
  • Institutional Plan - Regular Dividend 10.0000
  • Institutional Plan - Growth 10.0000
  • Institutional Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.0000
  • Regular Plan - Bonus 35.7000
  • Regular Plan - Regular Dividend 13.9800
  • Regular Plan - Growth 35.7000
  • Regular Plan - Quarterly Dividend 13.9400
  • BOI AXA Manufacturing and Infrastructure Fund
  • Direct Regular Dividend 18.1600
  • Direct Growth 19.2000
  • Direct Quarterly Dividend 18.9100
  • Regular - Dividend 16.7500
  • Regular - Growth 18.0600
  • Regular - Quarterly Dividend 15.4600
  • BOI AXA MID CAP Equity and Debt Fund
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 13.1400
  • Direct Plan - Growth 14.1500
  • Regular - Dividend 13.0700
  • Regular Plan - Growth 13.9400
  • BOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 27.7600
  • Direct Plan - Growth 57.4600
  • Eco Plan - Dividend 17.2100
  • Eco Plan - Growth 56.0400
  • Regular Plan - Dividend 15.2300
  • Regular Plan - Growth 53.5200
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 9.6000
  • Direct Plan - Growth 9.6000
  • Regular Plan - Dividend 9.6000
  • Regular Plan - Growth 9.6000
  • BOI AXA Liquid Fund
  • Direct Plan - Daily Dividend 1002.6483
  • Direct Plan - Growth 1999.1336
  • Direct Plan - Weekly Dividend 1062.7163
  • Unclaimed Dividend Plan - Upto  3 Years 1029.5603
  • Institutional Plan - Daily Dividend 1000.0291
  • Institutional Plan - Growth 1375.4784
  • Institutional Plan - Monthly Dividend 1001.9102
  • Institutional Plan - Weekly Dividend 1001.4193
  • Regular Plan - Daily Dividend 1002.1069
  • Regular Plan - Growth 1988.8138
  • Regular Plan - Weekly Dividend 1002.3962
  • Unclaimed Redemption Plan - Upto 3 Years 1029.4917
  • Super Institutional Plan - Daily Dividend 1000.0024
  • Super Institutional Plan - Growth 1339.2836
  • Super Institutional Plan - Monthly Dividend 1000.0000
  • Super Institutional Plan - Weekly Dividend 1000.1371
  • Unclaimed Dividend Plan -  Above 3 Years 1000.0000
  • Unclaimed Redemption  Plan - Above 3 Years 1000.0000

Bharti AXA Board of Directors - AMC

Mr. Bruno Guilloton

Mr. Bruno Guilloton
Mr. Bruno Guilloton is CEO of AXA IM - Asia Pacific, and has been a shareholder representative for AXA IM's joint ventures in Asia for more than a decade. An expert at fund management, he joined AXA Investment Managers, Paris in 1999 as Head of Equities. Later, he became the Chief Executive Officer of AXA Investment Managers, Tokyo and led the merger between AXA Rosenberg, Japan and AXA Investment Managers. Mr. Guilloton left Asia in 2005 and became Global Head of Internal Audit, a position that he held till recently. Prior to joining AXA Investment Managers, Mr. Guilloton was Head of Equity Fund Management at Credit Mutual Finance for 5 years. He previously worked for 10 years with Banque Indosuez as a Financial Analyst and Portfolio Manager, before being appointed Joint Head of Equity Management in France at Indosuez Asset Management.

Mr. Robert Sherlock

Mr. Robert Sherlock
Mr. Robert Sherlock is the Chief Risk Officer for AXA IM's operations in Asia. Mr. Sherlock joined AXA UK in 2000 as Senior Risk and Internal Audit Manager for the Holding Company of AXA's insurance businesses in the UK. In 2005 he joined AXA's Investment Management Company as Head of Risk Management for the UK business. Since joining AXA IM he has held a range of positions within the company including, Group Head of Operations Risk, CRO AXA Framlington, Senior Expertise Risk Manager - Framlington Equities, Trading, Securities Finance and Alternative Investments before taking up his current role. Prior to joining AXA Mr. Sherlock qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG working in their London and Hong Kong offices for six years before joining American Express Bank in 1991 as an Internal Auditor and then Gartmore Investment Managers in 1995 as Head of Risk Control.

Mr. Sudhir Chand

Mr. Sudhir Chand
Sudhir Chand (67) has over 43 years of work experience in various functions of General Management, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, HR and Consulting.
Started his career with Crompton Greaves ltd (7yrs) and then served Exide Industries Ltd for 28 years in various leadership positions including - 10 years as an Executive Director on the main Board . He retired from Exide in 2006 and has since been involved in management education and Consulting through Inflexion Management Services Pvt Ltd. a company founded by him in 2006.
An Electrical Engineer from BITS Pilani had further education in marketing management from Univ of Bombay and Executive development programmes in IIM Ahemdabad and Cranefield School of Management UK.
Sudhir was visiting faculty at Management Development Programs at IIM Calcutta and Calcutta Management Association. He is on the academic council of Globsyn Business School (Kolkata). He teaches marketing courses at Globsyn Business School Kolkata and School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) at Gurgaon.
During his corporate career he has served on various committees of CII, Bengal Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and is past president of Calcutta Management Association.
He is an associate of and does assignments for:
Grow Talent Company Ltd ,the parent company of SOIL( School of Inspired Leadership) in areas of Talent Appreciation, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.
Right Management India(P) Ltd (one of the World's largest talent and career management consulting firm- Part of the Manpower Group USA) in areas of Talent Appreciation, Development Centers, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
SHRM India(part of Society for Human Resource Management USA - the world's largest HR membership Organisation) as a Master Facilitator.
MART(the country's pioneering organization in rural marketing) for some rural, social and marketing projects.
He is a Non Executive Independent Director on the board of:
• ESAB India Ltd, the leaders in the Welding Industry and
• Exide Industries Ltd the leaders in storage Batteries and two of their subsidiary companies, Chloride Alloys India Ltd and Chloride Metals Ltd.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta

Mr. Sanjay Gupta
Mr. Sanjay Gupta has more than 25 years of experience in leading corporations through major transformational initiatives such as Set up, Consolidation, Migration, Outsourcing, Restructuring of delivery capabilities across multiple geographies. He was till recently a senior executive with American Express, a Fortune 50 company, leading a large global team (having joined the Bank in 1996). He pioneered India's first every global operations centre. He has created and formulated breakthrough transformational strategies, and optimized Financial and Customer operations. At American Express, he has been responsible for creating a Global Functional operating structure with strong underlying six sigma capability in US, UK and India. He was India leader for AMEX, when he finally left the company after a long and productive career. Prior to American Express, Sanjay has worked with a large telecom services provider during 1994-1996 setting up paging services business, and before that as Chief Financial Officer with soft drinks major and a tractor major respectively. He is presently on the Advisory Board of Acumen Fund and Schneider Electric. He is Global Guest Faculty for Duke University Corporate Education. He is also a Global CEO of English Helper Inc.

Mr. Atul Sahasrabuddhe

Mr. Atul Sahasrabuddhe
Mr. Atul Sahasrabuddhe is a Financial Consultant since 2002. He is currently the Vice-Chairman on the Advisory Board of Yen Management Consultants where it is his responsibilty to guide and oversee the Firm's business, with which he has been associated since November 2006. Mr. Sahasrabuddhe started his career with the American Express Bank in November 1984. During his tenure with the organisation till December 1993, he was involved in various activities including forex trading and derivatives. In 1994, he joined Maharaja organisation, a Sri Lankan group, as Executive Director and Group Treasurer. Mr Sahasrabuddhe joined ING Bank, India in January 1995 as Head of Financial Markets, responsible for the bank's money market and foreign exchange operations. In 2000, he was elevated as CEO of ING Bank, India, and was responsible for the Bank's commercial, investment banking and financial markets (Treasury) activities for the Asian sub-continent region. He stepped down from the CEO position in October 2002.

Mr. S C Kalia

Mr. S C Kalia
Mr. Kalia has been a career Banker for nearly four decades. A Gold medalist Post Graduate in Political Science, Mr. Kalia joined Bank of Baroda in 1973 and worked in several capacities up to the level of General Manager in Bank of Baroda till 2008 when he was appointed as Executive Director of Vijaya Bank by Government of India. Mr. Kalia also served as Executive Director of Union Bank of India till his superannuation in 2011. Mr. Kalia has been member of various committee constituted by Government of India, Reserve Bank of India & Indian Bank Association. He has rich Corporate Governance experience having served on Boards of various Banks and committee (including that of Domestic & Overseas subsidiaries of Bank of Baroda) & other institutions. Having served in London and Mauritius and having carried out Home office inspections in various overseas jurisdiction in Bank of Baroda, Mr. Kaila also has rich international experience. Post retirement, Mr. Kalia has served as member of the committee constituted by Reserve Bank of India on Priority Sector Lending and Advisor & Head Debt Markets Cell constituted by DFS, Ministry of Finance, Government of India under the aegis of IIFCL. He has also been associated with Corporates, NBFCs as Advisor in financial service sector space. Mr. Kalia is currently working as Senior Strategic Advisor at Yes Bank. He is also member of Empowered Committee on External Commercial Borrowings constituted by Reserve Bank of India and Member of Banking and Finance Committee of Indian Merchant Chamber, Mumbai besides being on the Board of some companies.

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