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UPDATED ON 05 Sep 2015
BOI AXA LIQUID FUND  Direct Plan - Daily Dividend 1,002.6483   |   Direct Plan - Growth 1,669.6747   |   Direct Plan - Weekly Dividend 1,062.6581   |   Regular Plan - Daily Dividend 1,001.3933   |   Regular Plan - Growth 1,665.2794   |   Regular Plan - Weekly Dividend 1,002.3186



Any holding with monetary value such as stocks, bonds, real estate and cash.

Asset class

Different types of investments such as stocks, bonds, real estate and cash.

Account Statement

A statement issued by a AMC providing the details of transactions and holdings of an investor in various schemes of the fund.

Annual Report

A write-up given to shareholders containing the yearly record of a mutual fund's performance. The report also informs the investor about the fund's earnings and operations. Reports are sent out yearly.

Asset allocation

Investment strategy that diversifies assets among stocks, bonds and money market instruments to help reduce investment risk. It describes the composition of a fund's or an individual's portfolio. For equity funds, this would include a geographic and industry breakdown. For bond funds, it would show net currency exposure of the fund and the split between government, corporate and other fixed-income securities.

Asset Management Company

A firm that invests the pooled funds of investors in securities, in line with the stated investment objectives. For a fee, the investment company provides diversification, liquidity, and professional management service.

AMC Website

Refers to website of the AMC.

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