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UPDATED ON 25th May 2017
  • BOI AXA Treasury Advantage Fund
  • Direct Plan - Daily Dividend 1006.9034
  • Direct Plan - Growth 1997.0844
  • Direct Plan - Weekly Dividend 1008.3310
  • Institutional Plan - Daily Dividend 1002.9232
  • Institutional Plan - Growth 1397.5496
  • Institutional Plan - Monthly Dividend 1002.0930
  • Institutional Plan - Weekly Dividend 1001.6260
  • Regular Plan - Daily Dividend 1007.4498
  • Regular Plan - Growth 1975.1304
  • Regular Plan - Weekly Dividend 1008.8744
  • Direct Plan - Bonus 1989.9629
  • Regular Plan - Bonus 1597.0220
  • Direct Plan 12.4577
  • Regular Plan 12.4238
  • BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 12.1766
  • Direct Plan - Growth 14.3250
  • Regular - Dividend 10.8140
  • Regular Plan - Growth 14.1248
  • BOI AXA Short Term Income Fund
  • Direct Plan - Growth 18.8762
  • Direct Plan - Monthly Dividend 10.4695
  • Direct Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.5125
  • Institutional Plan - Growth 15.0822
  • Institutional Plan - Monthly Dividend 10.1566
  • Institutional Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.1171
  • Institutional Plan - Weekly Dividend 10.0615
  • Regular Plan - Growth 18.1121
  • Regular Plan - Monthly Dividend 10.4483
  • Regular Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.3592
  • BOI AXA Regular Return Fund
  • Regular Plan - Bonus 15.2560
  • Direct Plan - Annual Dividend 10.4755
  • Direct Plan - Growth 19.8142
  • Direct Plan - Monthly Dividend 10.5068
  • Direct Plan - Quarterly Dividend 11.3792
  • Eco Plan - Annual Dividend 11.0904
  • Eco Plan - Growth 19.7210
  • Eco Plan - Monthly Dividend 17.6967
  • Eco Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.6084
  • Regular Plan - Annual Dividend 10.5923
  • Regular Plan - Growth 19.4761
  • Regular Plan - Monthly Dividend 12.4534
  • Regular Plan - Quarterly Dividend 11.2593
  • BOI AXA Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series 2
  • Direct Plan - Dividend  11.2131
  • Direct Plan - Growth 11.2131
  • Regular Plan - Dividend 11.0503
  • Regular Plan - Growth 11.0503
  • BOI AXA Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series 3
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 10.7305
  • Direct Plan - Growth 10.7290
  • Regular Plan - Dividend 10.5880
  • Regular Plan - Growth 10.5880
  • Direct Plan Growth 10.6204
  • Regular Plan Growth 10.5644
  • Direct Plan Growth 10.9467
  • Regular Plan Growth 10.8975
  • BOI AXA Equity Fund
  • Direct Plan - Bonus 17.0900
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 14.1000
  • Direct Plan-Growth 33.0000
  • Direct Plan - Quarterly Dividend 12.1600
  • Eco Plan - Bonus 32.8000
  • Eco Plan - Regular Dividend 13.9500
  • Eco Plan - Growth 32.8100
  • Eco Plan - Quarterly Dividend 11.9900
  • Institutional Plan - Bonus 10.0000
  • Institutional Plan - Regular Dividend 10.0000
  • Institutional Plan - Growth 10.0000
  • Institutional Plan - Quarterly Dividend 10.0000
  • Regular Plan - Bonus 31.4700
  • Regular Plan - Regular Dividend 12.3200
  • Regular Plan - Growth 31.4700
  • Regular Plan - Quarterly Dividend 12.2900
  • BOI AXA Manufacturing and Infrastructure Fund
  • Direct Regular Dividend 14.6000
  • Direct Growth 15.3400
  • Direct Quarterly Dividend 15.1400
  • Regular - Dividend 13.5300
  • Regular - Growth 14.6000
  • Regular - Quarterly Dividend 13.1700
  • BOI AXA MID CAP Equity and Debt Fund
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 11.6200
  • Direct Plan - Growth 11.6500
  • Regular - Dividend 11.5600
  • Regular Plan - Growth 11.5600
  • BOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund
  • Direct Plan - Dividend 23.9900
  • Direct Plan - Growth 46.4200
  • Eco Plan - Dividend 13.9700
  • Eco Plan - Growth 45.4800
  • Regular Plan - Dividend 13.9800
  • Regular Plan - Growth 43.7400
  • BOI AXA Liquid Fund
  • Direct Plan - Daily Dividend 1002.6483
  • Direct Plan - Growth 1892.2804
  • Direct Plan - Weekly Dividend 1062.1284
  • Institutional Plan - Daily Dividend 1000.0291
  • Institutional Plan - Growth 1375.4784
  • Institutional Plan - Monthly Dividend 1001.9102
  • Institutional Plan - Weekly Dividend 1001.4193
  • Regular Plan - Daily Dividend 1002.1069
  • Regular Plan - Growth 1883.9858
  • Regular Plan - Weekly Dividend 1001.8489
  • Super Institutional Plan - Daily Dividend 1000.0024
  • Super Institutional Plan - Growth 1339.2836
  • Super Institutional Plan - Monthly Dividend 1000.0000
  • Super Institutional Plan - Weekly Dividend 1000.1371

Know Your Customer
What is the Regulation?
Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has issued guidelines under The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA) which requires Mutual Funds to follow enhanced Know Your Customer (KYC) norms.
What is the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA)?
The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 ("PMLA") created under the aegis of Financial Action Task Force ("FATF") forms the core of the legal framework put in place by India to combat money laundering required to be followed by banking companies, financial institutions and intermediaries by administering KYC and other reporting requirements such as suspicious transactions reporting, etc
What is KYC?
KYC is an acronym for "Know Your Customer", a term commonly used for Customer Identification Process. SEBI has prescribed certain requirements relating to KYC norms for Financial Institutions and Financial Intermediaries including Mutual Funds to 'know' their clients. This entails In-Person Verification (IPV), verification of identity and address, financial status, occupation and such other personal information as may be prescribed by guidelines, rules and regulation.
Effective January 01, 2011, KYC has been made mandatory for all categories of investors who wish to invest in the schemes of BOI AXA Mutual Fund irrespective of investment amount for all transactions.
You can know your KYC status by clicking on any of the below link :
Applicability of KYC norms:
Category of Investors Upto December 31, 2010 w.e.f. January 01, 2011
Resident Individuals Rs. 50,000 and more Any Amount
Non Individual Investors (Corporates, Partnerships, Trusts, HUF, etc.) Any Amount Any Amount
Non Resident Investors(NRIs) / Persons of Indian Origin(PIOs) Any Amount Any Amount
Investors investing through Channel Partners / Channel Distributors Any Amount Any Amount

To further clarify, the above category of investors shall include:
  • Their constituted Power of Attorney (PoA) holder, in case of investments through a PoA;
  • Each of the applicants, in case of investments in joint names; and
  • Guardian in case of investments on behalf of minor.
  • If an individual becomes an Investor due to an operation of law, e.g., transmission of units upon death of an  investor, the claimant / person(s) entering the Register of unit holders of the Fund will be required to be KYC compliant before such transfer can take place.

NEW KYC Norms (w.e.f January 01, 2012) SEBI, based on feedback from investors, found that though certain basic requirements have been prescribed for Customer Due Diligence (CDD) or Know Your Client (KYC) for various SEBI registered intermediaries such as Mutual Funds, Portfolio Managers, Collective Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Funds, no specific KYC format had been prescribed. As a result, these intermediaries used different KYC formats and supporting documents. Thus, in order to bring uniformity in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process in the securities market and develop a mechanism for centralization of the KYC records and also to avoid duplication of KYC Process across the intermediaries in the securities market; SEBI vide Circular No. MIRSD/SE/Cir-21/2011 dated October 5, 2011, SEBI (KYC Registration Agency) Regulations, 2011 and Circular No. MIRSD/ Cir-26/ 2011 dated December 23, 2011 introduced the concept of KYC Registration Agency (KRA) effective January 01, 2012.
Investors can submit the common KYC Application Form along with all necessary documents as prescribed in the KYC Application Form with any SEBI registered intermediaries including mutual funds. BOI AXA Investment Managers Pvt Limited, being a SEBI registered intermediary is a point of service for processing KYC applications. KRA shall send a letter to the investor within 10 working days of the receipt of the initial/updated KYC documents from the Mutual Fund, confirming the details thereof. Apart from KYC, it is mandatory for intermediaries including mutual funds to carry out In-Person Verification (IPV) of all its new investors. The IPV carried out by any SEBI registered intermediary can be relied upon by the Mutual Fund. BOI AXA Investment Managers Pvt Limited and NISM/AMFI certified distributors who are KYD compliant are authorized to undertake the IPV for Mutual Fund investors. Further, in case of any applications received directly (i.e. without being routed through the distributors) from the investors, the Mutual Fund may rely upon the IPV (on the KYC Application Form) performed by the scheduled commercial banks.
Existing KYC compliant investors of the BOI AXA Mutual Fund can continue to invest as per the current practice. However, existing investors are also urged to comply with the new KYC requirements including IPV as mandated by SEBI.
Step 1 Download and Fill-up the revised KYC form (effective January 01, 2012)
  1. KYC form for individuals
  2. KYC updation form for Individuals
  3. KYC form for non-individuals
Step 2 Attach the following documents:
For Individuals and Non-Individuals:
Documents evidencing Proof of Identity and Proof of Address (List of requisite KYC documents for individuals and non-individuals are mentioned in the revised KYC Application Form)
Step 3 In-Person Verification (IPV):
Complete IPV from any of the following:
Any SEBI registered intermediary (including BOI AXA Investment Managers Pvt Limited)
NISM/AMFI certified distributors who are KYD compliant
Scheduled Commercial Banks (in case of any applications received directly)
Step 4 Submit the KYC form along with necessary documents at the nearest Investor Services centre or any other intermediaries of KRA's as mandated by SEBI. Upon receipt and verification of the above documents, a KYC acknowledgement will be issued to each applicant.
Please Note:
  • Investor(s) must note that KYC compliance is mandatory at the time of submission of each subscription request with the designated Official Points of Acceptance.
  • Applications by investors without valid KYC are liable to be rejected.
  • We strongly recommend all our Investors to be KYC Compliant by completing the KYC formalities, in accordance with applicable KYC rules in force from time to time, at the earliest so they can continue to invest with us smoothly.
  • In case of joint applicants, KYC should be completed by all joint applicants.
  • In case of applications under Power of attorney, KYC has to be completed by both the investor and the power of attorney holder.
  • In case of NRIs/PIOs, they are required to complete KYC.
  • In case of minor, the KYC should be completed by the Parent/Guardian signing on behalf of the Minor. However, in the event of such minor person becoming major, the KYC has to be completed on becoming major.
  • In case of transmission, KYC has to be completed by the person claiming under such transmission.
  • In case of nomination, KYC has to be completed by the Nominee before invoking the nomination.
  • In case of lien/pledge etc., KYC has to be completed by the lien/pledge-holder.

© Copyright BOI AXA Investment Managers Private Limited, 2012. All Rights Reserved. Mutual Funds investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Compliance with KYC norms is mandatory for investing in Mutual Funds.
E-mail: service@boiaxa-im.com